What Everyone Should Know About Vehicle Batteries

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Has your vehicle stalled recently? If so, it may be a sign that your battery is failing, but it may also be a sign of another issue with your vehicle. Sometimes mechanical issues can cause car batteries to become compromised. The following information will help you to better understand why your battery may be giving you problems and what you can do to protect your battery, which may protect you from future inconveniences. 

Things That Can Negatively Impact Battery Life

Age - Over time batteries may lose their original output and need to be replaced. This may occur before the manufacturers' life expectancy expires. Always keep paperwork pertaining to battery purchases that promise to replace batteries that fail before a certain time period. 

Electrical System - A shortage in your vehicle's electrical system can cause the charge to get low enough to compromise the battery. If you find yourself frequently buying batteries for your vehicle, you might have an electrical issue, which can be found and fixed by a mechanic.

Alternator Issues - A failing alternator can cause the charge on your battery to get low. Replacing the alternator or having it rebuilt can aid in ensuring that your next battery lasts longer.

Temperature - Cold temperatures can cause the fluid in batteries with a low charge to freeze. Frozen batteries may or may not resume working after the liquid thaws. Even if they work, they may cause future problems.

Battery Protection

The best way to protect your battery is to check its charge on a regular basis. Some auto shops offer this as a free service, and others may include it as a complimentary service when you buy other services or parts. Ensure that you are taking your vehicle to have it serviced by a professional at the recommended intervals. This will aid in diagnosing issues that could compromise your battery. For example, during routine servicing, a mechanic might discover issues with your vehicle's electrical system.

If you are attempting to troubleshoot your stalled vehicle and suspect that your battery is the issue, you can remove your battery from your car and take it to a mechanic, such as Professional Automotive. They have access to equipment that can test the battery's output and charge it. Taking time to do this can save you from having to pay an expensive towing fee only to discover later that you were in need of another battery rather than serious mechanical repairs.