Are There Benefits To Rotating Your Tires?

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Tires don't come cheap and replacing them can put a big hole in your pocket. Experts recommend having your tires rotated approximately every six months or 7,500 miles (whatever comes first). However, some people wonder if rotating your tires really helps extend the amount of time you can use them. Is rotating the tires on your automobile really beneficial to them?

What are the Benefits?

Saving Money: When you are diligent about having your tires regularly rotated you will save money by not having to frequently replace worn out tires. By rotating the wheels, you are increasing their lifespan.

Increasing Efficiency: Rotated tires are more efficient and you will have to worry less about possible accidents. It helps keep the tires from wearing down as quickly by moving the front tires to the back and letting the back tires take a little more of the wear.

Better Traction: You'll find when your tires have been rotated your car gets better traction when driving. Without having the wheels rotated, your car won't be as easy to handle when you're driving it. This raises the potential for you to have an accident.

Smooth Ride: Rotating the tires will make sure you have a smooth ride. When tires run down things can become a little bumpy on the inside. You won't deal with the vibrations and loud noises a car with worn down and misaligned tires makes either. Rotating your tires is both for your comfort and safety.

The process of rotating your tires takes hardly no time and can be handled by a same day walk in appointment, so don't put off such an easy auto maintenance step.

What Wears a Tire Down, Anyway?

If your tires are out of balance or your vehicle is out of alignment, then you might find your tires are wearing down faster. Road hazards can also become an issue if you frequently run into them. Just the general wear and tear of driving on the road can wear your tires down as well.

When you have your tires rotated, the mechanic will be able to spot any additional issues your tires may be suffering from. This simple step can save you money and time. The last thing you want to do is put off getting your tires rotated and end up with a bigger and more expensive problem.

For more information, talk to a professional who knows tires.