Don't Ignore These 4 Car Repair Warning Signs

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When you notice that your car has a weird smell, your brakes are squeaking or your warning lights are on, these aren't always things you should let go. If your vehicle is giving you early warning signs of needing maintenance or repairs, it is important that you visit a mechanic right away. Here are some important warning signs not to ignore.

Problems Starting Your Car

Even if you eventually get the car started, having trouble cranking the engine is an early warning sign that there is something wrong. There are many different issues this could be pointing to, none of which you should be putting off. One of the easier issues is that you have a battery that is starting to go bad. If it has been a while since you had it changed, now is a good time to replace it. However, there are also more serious things that could be wrong. For example, you might have electrical system failure, engine problems, or starter problems. It is best that you see a mechanic if you have to turn the key a few times before the engine turns over.

The Smell of Something Burning

Any time you smell something like it is burning, you should have your car looked at, just in case. It is possible that it isn't due to anything serious, but you should still have your car inspected by a professional. Minor causes of burning smells include having a minor leak that is causing fluid to hit metal parts underneath the hood that are then heating up and causing the smell. While not a serious issue, you don't want to let leaks go for too long. The burning smell could also come from old oil or transmission fluid that needs to be replaced.

Issues With Your Tires

Your tires might also be giving you some fairly subtle signs that they either need to be replaced or at least rotated. For example, if you notice that when you drive, there is a vibrating sensation or it feels like your car is pulling more to one side than the other, your tires probably need to be rotated. If you go too long without rotating them, it could lead to a tire blowout, often at the most inopportune time. Also look at the condition of the tires and consider replacing them if the tread is too low or there is wear on the sidewalls of the tires.

Signs of Bad Brakes

If your brakes go out when you're driving, it could mean a serious accident that puts you and other drivers in danger. You should never let early warning signs of brake problems go for too long. Some signs that indicate you need brake repair services include squealing or squeaking while applying the brakes, pulsating or vibrations in the pedal, or having to push the brake pedal further down than before.