How You Can Replace The Fuel Line Sock On A Ford F250 Pickup Truck In Your Driveway

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A diesel fuel line usually has a sock on the end of it to prevent debris from the fuel tank from getting into the fuel delivery system and clogging it up. However, sometimes the sock gets caked with debris and the fuel will have trouble getting into the fuel line. You notice things like the truck will lose power when you press down on the accelerator or the engine will sound rough as it starves for fuel. You need to replace the sock when it gets filled with debris. If you own a Ford F250 pickup truck and you want to do the work in your driveway, here is how you can replace the fuel line sock on your truck.

You Will Need:

  • Fuel Line Sock
  • Ratchet Set
  • Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
  • Siphon
  • Plastic Pail
  • Floor Jack

Removing the Fuel Tank

You need to drop the fuel tank so you can replace the sock. If the pickup is still able to work, you should drive it to remove as much diesel from the tank as you can. If the truck isn't running, use a siphon to remove the fuel and store it in plastic pails.

Disconnect the fuel lines along the chassis that are going to the tank first. The fuel lines are located on the driver's side of the truck. Crawl under the truck and loosen the hose clamps on the fuel lines and disconnect the fuel line fittings. In some cases, you may have to spray penetrating oil on the fittings to eat through any rust buildup that can cause the fittings to stick together. Soak the fittings down and wait for about a half an hour before you try to disconnect the fittings again.

Set a floor jack underneath the tank and pump it up until the saddle rests against the bottom of the tank. Put a board over the top of the saddle to make sure it won't dent or rupture the bottom of the tank.

You have to remove the two straps holding the tank to the truck. The bolts for the straps are located on the passenger side of the vehicle. Remove the bolts. The floor jack will now be the only thing holding up the fuel tank.

Lower the tank down about 6 or 7 inches so you can gain access to the where the fuel lines are attached to the fuel line sending unit at the top of the tank. You should rent or buy a fuel line disconnect tool to remove the gas lines from the fuel line sending unit. You also have to unplug the electric harness to the wires running to the fuel tank.

Lower the tank to the ground and take the other side of the straps off of the truck. Slide the tank out from under the truck.

Replace Fuel Line Sock

Unscrew the ring securing the fuel line sending unit to the tank. You can then pull out the sending unit in the tank. At the bottom of the sending unit is the fuel line sock. Pull the old sock off and put the new sock on the sending unit.

Put everything back together in the reverse order in which you took it apart.

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