3 Car Repairs To Avoid Doing On Your Own

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It's normal to want to save some money when it comes to performing repairs to your car. In the past you may have changed a flat tire, changed your oil, replaced a dead battery, or even swapped out an old air filter with a new one, which gives you the confidence to move onto bigger challenges. While those are all easy things you can do on your own, you should avoid doing any of these 3 car repairs yourself.


Working on your car's brake pads and related parts might seem like a simple car repair, you should avoid working on them unless you're a professional mechanic. If the components are not installed correctly, malfunctioning brakes can cause you to get into any accident and even end up getting injured. The best way to ensure your brakes are working properly is to have a mechanic do it. They'll test drive your car to try out any new parts before you do.

Transmission Repair

One of the most labor intensive jobs that a mechanic can do is transmission repair, which is why it is so tempting to do it on your own to save on those high labor costs. You may think it's as simple as buying a new or remanufactured transmission and following some explainer videos you found online.

Want to know what could potentially go wrong with this plan? First of all, it's hard to work with a transmission because it's so heavy. Without having the special equipment for holding it in place, you run the risk of dropping it and breaking the transmission. Even if you rent the equipment to do it yourself, you are spending more money than anticipated. When you consider the many labor hours and what can go wrong along the way, it's possible that you could make a mistake that could end up costing you more money in the end.


Modern cars have a very complex electrical system that is much different from older cars. What may look like an easy repair, like swapping out a switch that is faulty, could be complicated. It's not just a matter of plugging in a new part, since the computer in the car needs to recognize your new part so it can function properly. You may be surprised at how difficult electronic work actually is.

When in doubt, you should always use a mechanic, such as Buettner Tire & Auto. Reach out to one in your area to get a price estimate to fix your car.