3 Signs You Need To Have Your Car's Air Conditioner Repaired

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Your car's air conditioning system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If it breaks down or no longer functions properly, driving can become significantly more uncomfortable, making it harder for you to concentrate and increasing the risk of accidents. Thankfully, there are a number of early warning signs that you can watch for to determine when you should have your air conditioner replaced.

Leaking Liquids

Your car's air conditioning system also works as a dehumidifier and will drain water out of the bottom of your vehicle slowly. However, if the drain or a hose within your air conditioner system becomes clogged, or if the dehumidifier stops working properly for some other reason, water can begin to drip into the interior of your car, usually somewhere on the floor mats. If this happens, you should see a mechanic as soon as possible, as leaving this problem to develop for an extended period of time can lead to mold developing in your vents and tubes, which poses a health hazard and can aggravate respiratory conditions.

Noisy Operation

Normal operation of your air conditioning system is only characterized by the sound of the blower within the system itself. Any other sounds, most notably banging, rattling, or any other form of vibration, is a clear sign that a fan belt has come loose, debris has gotten stuck within the fan, or another related issue. No matter the cause, you should avoid operating your vehicle's air conditioner, as further operation can lead to problems worsening or spreading. Get a mechanic to look into your system and diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

Strange Smells

Strange smells coming out of your air conditioning system is usually an indication of either a refrigerant leak or mold growth within the system. Refrigerant leaks can be hard to diagnose by yourself, as you won't be able to see leaking refrigerant. However, mold growth can sometimes be seen in the vents of your air conditioning system and tends to have an earthy smell that is easily identifiable. Mold growth is more likely if you've noticed water leaking out of your air conditioning system and into the interior of your car as well.

No matter which problem your air conditioner has, you should contact a mechanic experienced in automotive air conditioning, like Auto Air Clinic Inc, as soon as possible, as constantly breathing in either mold or refrigerant can be a serious health hazard.