Buy A Used Car With A Warranty But Now Have Auto Problems? Get Your Mechanic Before Heading To The Dealership

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Have you recently purchased a vehicle from a local auto dealership and they provided a 30-day warranty, or some other guarantee but the automobile isn't working right? If so, you want to take the car back to the dealership to have it looked at, but you want to find your own mechanic first. 

You want to make sure the dealership doesn't try to say the problem is something different than the real diagnosis, or that the problem is out of the warranty restrictions or the problems were caused by you. Here are a few things to do.

Get a Mechanical Inspection

Get a full mechanical inspection and a detailed statement that explains what is wrong with the vehicle, how it can be repaired, and what the cost is going to be. The mechanic may be able to give you some insight on the problems, to let you know if they were already present when the vehicle was purchased. Once you have the inspection of your own, you can take the vehicle to the dealership. As long as you go to a licensed mechanic (such as one from Country Club Auto Repair) for your inspection, it will be helpful if you have to pursue a legal case.

Take the Vehicle In

After you already know what the problem is, or have an estimate, take the vehicle back to the dealership to see what they say. If the estimates are vastly different, and if the used car dealership isn't going to pay for the repairs, you want to let them know you already got a second opinion. This may change their mind to help fix the problem.

Hire a Lawyer

If they still aren't going to repair the vehicle, or allow you to trade the vehicle back in, you want to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will go over the purchase agreement to see if the problems should be covered under the dealership warranty. If the repairs should be covered, your lawyer can send a letter to the dealership or contact them, to let them know you're serious about pursuing a case if they don't cooperate.

When you purchase a used car and you think you're getting a warranty that will protect your purchase for a set amount of time, the dealership should honor what they put in writing. Talk with a mechanic first about the problems, then the dealership, to make sure you know exactly what the problems are if you have to go to court.