3 Steps To Help You Give Your Car A Professional Wash Job This Summer

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It feels good to drive a car that looks like it just rolled off the lot. Here are three steps that will help you change up your car washing game so that your vehicle looks like it was professionally washed every time.

#1 Use Three Buckets & Two Colored Mitts To Clean Your Car

When you wash your car, you should use at least three different buckets. One of your buckets should be full of water as well as car washing shampoo that is approved for all surfaces on your vehicle. The other two buckets should be full of regular water.

You should also have two colored washing mitts. These mitts should ideally be different colors so that you do not mix them up and use the wrong one. You are also going to need a soft round brush with short bristles.

You should label your buckets with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 and put a grit guard on each of your buckets. Buckets number one and two should just have regular water in them. The third bucket should be filled with soap.

When you wash your car, dip your mitt into bucket #3, then start by washing the top of your car. When you need to rinse your mitt, dip it into bucket #1 and #2, before putting it into bucket #3 and filling up on soap again. This process will help ensure that all dirt is removed from your mitts before you use it again. This will prevent dirt and grime from getting rubbed into your vehicle.

Use one of your mitts on the top of your vehicle and use a different colored mitt on the lower portion of your vehicle. You should use the brush on your bumper gaps and other hard to reach places on your vehicle, using the same rinsing process you used with the mitts.

#2 Use An Electric Blower To Dry Your Car

When it is time to dry your vehicle, use an electric blower. You can pick one of these up at your hardware store. The air will quickly dry off your vehicle and ensure that no water spots develop. Make sure that you start at the top of your vehicle and work your way down and around your vehicle with your electric blower.

#3 Finish With A Spray Sealant

Finally, when your vehicle is dry, use a spray sealant or wax, and apply it over the entire surface of your vehicle. After you apply the sealant, rub it in with a soft microfiber cloth. You want to use a microfiber cloth to ensure that there are not scratches left on the surface of your vehicle. The sealant will help your vehicle shine and look great.

If you really want your vehicle to look great while cursing the streets this summer, step up and change the way you wash your vehicle by implementing the four steps above into your vehicle washing routine.

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