2 Reasons To Replace Your Car's Air Conditioning Air Filter

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One of the most important components in your vehicle when it comes to keeping your vehicle's cabin as comfortable and pleasant as possible is the air conditioner's air filter, which is also referred to as the cabin air filter. This item, typically located behind the glove compartment or underneath your dash, is responsible for keeping contaminants out of the air within your vehicle's cabin. Listed below are two reasons to replace your cabin air filter. 

Protect Your Air Conditioner

Another reason to have your cabin air filter replaced is that a clogged air filter can lead to expensive vehicle repairs in the future. This is because the clogged air filter will cause an additional strain to be placed on the air conditioner's blower unit. In many cases, this can lead to your vehicle losing power when the air conditioner is on or causing your blower unit to fail completely and force you to go without air conditioning until you can have a mechanic replace it or do it yourself.

If you choose to replace or clean the cabin air filter yourself, refer to the owner's manual to find the exact location of the filter. In models with the air filter underneath the dash, there is often a simply access hatch that you can open from within the vehicle to access the air filter without needing to use any tools. 

Increase Air Flow

Finally, a clogged or damaged cabin air filter can greatly reduce the air flow that you are feeling when you turn your air conditioner on. This is due to the fact that your air conditioner is not able to draw in enough air due to the clogged air filter, which means that it will have less cool air to blow into your vehicle's cabin.

This will lead to your vehicle being much hotter and more uncomfortable in the summer until you can replace the cabin air filter and restore air flow to normal levels. In addition, the decreased air flow will greatly decrease your fuel economy because it will take much longer for you to get your car to a comfortable temperature. As a result, you will end up running your air conditioner more often and for longer periods than would be necessary if you had a clean cabin air filter and the increase air flow that it would provide. 

Contact an auto ac maintenance company today in order to have your vehicle's cabin air filter inspected and replaced if necessary. Replacing the cabin air filter will help protect your air conditioner and increase air flow.