Purchased Your First New Diesel Truck? Engine Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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If you have purchased a diesel truck and this is your first time owning one, you may not know the proper maintenance that should be done. The main maintenance you need to do is to the engine. You do not maintain a diesel engine like you maintain a gas-powered engine. This is because diesel engines do not have moving parts like distributor rotors, plugs, and wires, that could wear down. Because of this, diesel engines are easier to maintain, but they still do require some maintenance to keep them running, such as the maintenance tips listed below. 

Clean the Diesel Particulate Filter

Your diesel truck is outfitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DFP cleans up particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust gas of the diesel engine. It traps carbon and soot buildup and cleans up the exhaust.

Over time, the filter becomes dirty and will need to be changed. It is very important that you take your truck to a reputable mechanic to do this for you, as DPF filters are very expensive. If you take your truck to a mechanic for regular maintenance, they will check this filter for you and let you know if it needs to be changed.

Drain the Water Separator

The job of the water separator is to remove water from fuel. You will generally find this part by the fuel filter. If you do not drain the water separator, the fuel filter will become waterlogged and dirty, which will then cause bad engine performance.

Another problem not removing the water will cause is the filter would not be able to separate the bad particles in the fuel. Over time, the bad particles built up in the engine and fuel system result in damage. The mechanic that does the regular maintenance of your truck will determine if the water separator should be drained.

Regularly Monitor Gaskets

Make sure you regularly monitor the gaskets on your truck's diesel engine. These gaskets work under very harsh and severe conditions every time you drive your truck. It may be necessary for you to torque the mounting bolts regularly. This will help prevent leaks in the combustion mountings. The truck's user's manual should tell you how to torque the mounting bolts if you do not know how.

If you see that a gasket is leaking, you need to replace it immediately. Once this happens, it will likely cause further leaks, which will reduce the engine performance. Contact a company like Regeneration Services LLC for more information.