What Factors Affect The Cost Of Your Transmission Repair?

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Transmission is one of the most important parts in a vehicle. It helps your car drive by transmitting the power created by the shifting of gears in your car's engine to the drive axle. The cost of transmission repair will depend on the following factors:

Type of Transmission

New transmissions are always going to cost more. Look for a shop that does rebuilt transmissions, where parts of your transmission are replaced as needed. This will drastically cut your costs right off the bat. 

Type of Vehicle

The cost of transmission repair will depend largely on the type of car you own. Automatic transmissions have a more complex build and design as compared to manual transmissions. This is why automatic transmission repair is more expensive than manual transmission repair.  Likewise, standard brands of cars such as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are also cheaper to repair than high-end models like Ferrari, BMW, and Lexus. Vintage cars are also expensive to repair as parts for this car will be more difficult to find and will be costly as compared to newer models of cars.

Repair Shops

Transmission repair cost for your car varies greatly depending on the repair shop. The most experienced shops have the latest machinery and gadgets, and a popular repair shop generally costs more compared to inexperienced ones. The location of the repair shop also plays an important role in the charging of fees for a transmission repair. If the repair shop is located on a busy street or in an uptown area, usually they charge more as compared to repair shops located in rural areas. It is important to scour either in your area or in other neighboring towns that have cheap rates before bringing your car for a transmission repair.

Damage Extent

Finally, the extent of damage in your transmission is one of the main factors that can affect the transmission repair cost. The higher the degree of damage in your transmission the costlier the transmission repair cost will be. If your car is properly maintained, then the cost for transmission repair will be minimal. However, if your car has undergone a lot of abuse, then expect to have a costlier repair. The parts of the transmission to be replaced also add to the cost of repair. If the part to be replaced is a major component in the transmission, then it will be more expensive than the minor parts.

It is better to evaluate first the transmission of your car before undergoing some repairs. If the transmission repair cost will be the same as having a new transmission, then it is practical to buy than having it repaired. 

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