Why Buying A Used Fifth Wheel Is A Good Choice And Things To Consider

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There are so many choices in used fifth wheel RVs that you may have trouble making up your mind when you view them on the lot. Some have such nice features that it's easy to get carried away and buy more RV than you need. When you're looking at fifth wheels, consider your budget, ease of towing, features, and how you plan to use the RV so you find the right match. Here's why buying a fifth wheel used is a good idea and some things to think about when you're deciding on the right RV to buy.

Why A Used Fifth Wheel Is A Good Option

Buying an RV used is a good way to save money, and you can find used fifth wheels that are in excellent shape since some people don't drive them very far. If this is your first RV, buying used is a great way to get started with the RV lifestyle without being committed because of a huge financial investment. You'll probably want to change your RV after you've been living in it a few years so you can buy one more to your liking once you have experience. Buying used allows you to trade for a different size when you're ready without worrying about losing money on the trade.

How To Match A Fifth Wheel To Your Lifestyle

Buy an RV that fits your intended use. If you want one to take your family camping on the weekends, a small RV that's easy to haul and park could be all you need since you may spend a lot of time outdoors or using a tent. You may just want a fifth wheel for sleeping and shelter when it storms. However, if you're buying an RV for extensive travel after you retire, then comfort is more of an issue if you plan to live in the RV for weeks at a time. You'll need the extra space in a larger fifth wheel, and you'll want nice features such as a full kitchen, large bed, big water tank, and roomy shower.

What To Look For When It Comes To Towing

Towing the fifth wheel is a major aspect to look into when you're buying your first RV and don't have a lot of experience towing one. A small fifth wheel is much easier to tow and you can do so with a lighter truck. A fifth wheel you buy for extended living is heavier and longer, so it is more challenging to tow and maneuver. Plus, you may need a heavy-duty pickup to pull it. Size also matters in a lot of campgrounds. You can reach more rugged spaces with a small fifth wheel and you'll be allowed in more campgrounds since they take up less space and are easier to get into tight places.

For more information about used fifth wheels, find a dealer near you.