Seven Engine Service Needs For Your Hybrid Vehicle

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If you drive a hybrid vehicle, it's important to keep up with service needs to prevent repair needs and keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

A hybrid vehicle has engine service needs that are similar to those of a conventional vehicle. However, there are some slight differences regarding engine service needs that you should be aware of with hybrid vehicles. 

The following are seven engine service needs for your hybrid vehicle. 

Oil changes

As with conventional engines, the most important service task for hybrid engines is oil changes. Although hybrid engines need periodic oil changes to stay in optimal condition, hybrid engines don't generally need oil changes as frequently as conventional vehicles.

Hybrid engines need oil changes less frequently because there is less demand placed on them. Since a hybrid vehicle relies on the vehicle's battery instead of the engine much of the time, the engine's oil ages and becomes contaminated less quickly.

You need to check the owner's manual of your hybrid vehicle to see how often the manufacturer recommends for you to go in for oil changes. 

Engine temperature gauge

You can make sure that your hybrid engine is functioning properly and isn't in need of repairs by keeping an eye on the engine temperature gauge when your engine is in operation.

If your engine temperature gauge is routinely registering temperatures that are higher than normal, you need to bring your hybrid vehicle in for service and possibly repairs.  

Oil leaks

An adequate amount of oil in your hybrid engine is essential to ensure proper functioning. You should know how to check your oil. If you notice that oil is low, your hybrid engine oil level may be low and your engine may need attention. 

Air filter

A hybrid engine needs a supply of oxygen to work properly. Your engine's air filter ensures that the air that gets into your engine is not contaminated. It's important to change your air filter once in a while to ensure that your engine continues to get enough oxygen. 

Spark plugs

As with a conventional vehicle engine, spark plugs need to be periodically replaced in a hybrid vehicle engine. Changing spark plugs on a hybrid engine is typically a very simple and straightforward procedure. 


Belts such as the timing belt are essential parts of a hybrid engine that need to be replaced promptly when they become worn out. An unusual squealing noise while your engine is running is a sign that you need to have your belts looked at and possibly replaced. 

Battery usage

Keeping your battery as fully charged as possible and using your battery rather than your engine when possible will minimize wear and tear on your engine over time. That's why keeping your hybrid vehicle's battery in good shape can prolong engine life and prevent engine repair needs. 

Call an auto shop to schedule an engine service on any hybrid vehicle, including a Prius engine service