Do You Need New Shocks And Struts?

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Are you wondering if your vehicle's shocks and struts are bad and need to be replaced? These parts play a key role in helping your vehicle feel stable as you are driving down the road, as it reacts to the shakiness that can happen from hitting bumps in the road. It helps to know what trouble signs to look out for to tell if yours need to be replaced. 

Test The Car By Putting Pressure On The Corners

There is a simple test that you can do to test the shocks and struts around the vehicle. Go to each corner of the vehicle and put pressure on the vehicle to push down on it. Make sure that you are putting pressure on a stable part of the car, such as the trunk or hood, and not the bumper. If the shock and struts are good, the car is going to bounce back to the normal position with a minimal amount of bounce. If the shocks and struts are bad, there is going to be a lot of bouncing until the vehicle settles back into its original position. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the front set of shocks and struts may have a bit more bounce to them than the rear shocks and struts in normal circumstances. If there is a little extra bounce on the front of the car, no need to worry about it. That's normal due to the weight in the front of the car with the engine. 

Test The Way The Car Dips When Braking

Another thing you can do is test out the vehicle when braking quickly. A vehicle with working shocks and struts is going to have the nose of the vehicle remain relatively level with the rest of the vehicle when you brake hard. If there is an issue with the shocks and struts, you'll notice that the nose of the vehicle dips when you brake. While it's not something you may notice when driving every day, it's a quick and easy test to see how your vehicle is handling.

Test The Way The Car Turns

Similar to the braking test, you can also look for how your vehicle reacts when you perform a sharp turn. The vehicle should never feel as if it is dipping to the side of the road that you are turning since it should be level at all times. If there is excessive dipping when turning, you know that those shocks and struts should be replaced. 

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