Keeping The Air Conditioning Running Efficiently In Your Fleet Vehicles

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Running a fleet of vehicles used in different parts of the country often means keeping things like air conditioning systems working so your drivers stay comfortable. Working with a truck fleet AC services provider to ensure the AC system is working correctly. For large fleets, inspection, service, and repair can take the time that a dedicated service provider is often best equipped for.

Routine Inspection And Maintenance

Often the best way to combat breakdowns with the AC systems in your fleet trucks is through routine inspections. Checking the hoses, compressor, evaporator, condenser, and the pressure in the system is essential. The truck fleet AC services provider should look over the system every time the truck is in for maintenance. 

If any parts of the system appear to be damaged or worn, the system should be serviced and the parts replaced before they stop working altogether. A hose that is cut or worn because it is rubbing on something under the hood is an example of a typical problem that may cause system failure over time if not addressed. 

If everything in the system is in good shape, the inspector will record the finding for the vehicle, and the driver can take it back on the road until the next service interval. It is also possible that something in the AC system is beginning to wear but does not require replacement, so the truck fleet AC service tech will note it so a tech can change it the next time the truck is in the shop for service. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Fleet vehicles are not always on the same service schedule, so there must be a system in place to track the service on each truck. The fleet truck AC services that are handling the air conditioning repair and maintenance on your fleet should have a system for this and should also make those records available to the logistics or fleet manager within the company. 

While the fleet services provider should arrange the service with the driver, it is critical that the fleet manager can track all services on each vehicle to know what is going on with the fleet. Large trucking fleets can be spread across the entire country, so it is crucial that you work with a fleet truck AC services provider with locations in many areas so drivers can come in for service while they are on the road. 

Using a large enough service to have locations around the country also makes it easier to deal with emergency repairs to the AC system in the truck. Dispatchers can set up service appointments for the drive that corresponds to the delivery location for the truck or along the route the truck is traveling. This can also apply to inspections, maintenance, and scheduled repairs in your fleet trucks.

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