4 Indicators You Have Transmission Problems That Need To Be Addressed Quickly

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The transmission is a crucial component of the vehicle because it transfers the engine power to the wheels. It determines how efficiently your car changes gears. Your car will give you warning signs when the system is about to fail, and early detection of problems can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Here are the four indicators that the transmission is damaged and needs repairs. 

The Vehicle Refuses to Switch Gears

Most automatic vehicles have a transmission system that uses hydraulic power to switch gears. Your vehicle has a torque converter that connects the engine to the transmission. The pressurized fluid shifts when you change gears, and the car changes speed. However, there will not be enough pressure to shift the gears if the fluid is low. Therefore, your vehicle will struggle with shifting gears. Inability to switch gears could also result from using the wrong fluid, which prevents the system from creating the needed pressure. 

The Vehicle Makes Odd Noises in Neutral

Every vehicle owner gets used to some odd noises their car makes from time to time. However, it is wise to watch out for certain noises coming from your vehicle, especially when in neutral gear. Some noises indicate that you need to flush the current fluid and replace it with something new. Other noises indicate your vehicle has intricate problems that require specialized repairs. Only the auto mechanic can determine the meaning of your transmission's noises. 

The Vehicle Keeps Slipping Gears

It can be scary to have your vehicle's gear slip in and out of place when driving. The problem can make your car a safety hazard for you and other motorists, which is why you should have it repaired immediately. You can tell that the gear has slipped when your vehicle's engine starts revving when you are in the middle of a gear change. Slipping gears also cause delays in acceleration when you switch them and harsh responses from the vehicle each time you attempt a gear change. An auto mechanic can assess all these issues to determine whether it is time for a transmission change.

 Grinding and Shaking

Automatic vehicles with transmission issues will grind and shake when you shift gears. The vibration is a sure indicator that you need repairs. Other signs include the check engine light, dragging clutch, and leaking fluid.

Visit the auto mechanic as soon as you start to suspect that your vehicle might need transmission repair. With their help, you will restore your car's functionality.