Brakes Going Bad? 3 Signs To Indicate This

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Brakes on any vehicle are essential, and if you don't have good brakes on your vehicle, you shouldn't be driving it at all. If you are driving on brakes that are beginning to go bad, you need to take it in right away to have it inspected and repaired. If you aren't sure what to look for in your vehicle to indicate your brakes are beginning to go bad, you should read on for signs to watch out for. Read on for signs that you have bad brakes.

1. You Have To Press Harder On Your Brake Pedal

If it feels as though you have to press harder on your brake pedal in order to stop your vehicle, it could be because your brakes are beginning to go bad and you are needing to add more pressure in order to get the brakes to work as they should. If it feels like you're pressing the brake pedal through the floor, it's time to get the brakes checked and repaired as needed.

2. You Hear Squealing Noises

A squealing noise when you stop is the first indication that your brake pads are beginning to go bad. The squealing noise is added to give you the indication that your brakes are starting to go bad. If you hear the noise, don't ignore it, take it to your local auto repair shop to be looked at and repaired as needed. Waiting too long will result in the noise going away, but a new noise is going to be heard. You'll hear a grinding noise instead, which is the rotors that are going to go bad when you don't repair your brake pads. Bad rotors are going to be much more expensive to have to repair, in addition to the brake pads that you're also going to have to repair.

3. Your Vehicle Is Taking Longer To Stop

If you're vehicle is taking longer to stop, and it isn't stopping on a dime like it once did, it could be a brake issue and you need to have your brakes inspected and replaced as needed. You may also notice that you are stopping your vehicle much sooner in advance than you once had to do. This is another indication that your brakes are starting to go bad.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your brakes, take your vehicle in to be inspected for auto repairs. Don't continue to drive if you suspect your vehicle has bad brakes