What Are The Advantages Of Paintless Dent Removal?

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A vehicle is a valuable possession, which means seeing your vehicle damaged can no doubt be disheartening. Dents in the body of a vehicle are very common. Whether it is an automobile collision or simply a collision with a shopping cart or tree limb, a sudden impact on the body of a vehicle can cause a dent. Thankfully, most dents can be repaired with a paintless dent removal service. If you have a dent you would like to see gone, you may want to know more about the advantages of the process. Below is a closer look at a few perks of paintless dent repair (PDR). 

Paintless Dent Removal Is More Affordable 

When you work with a dent removal service to get a dent removed, you may be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of the repair. When a dent is repaired through traditional methods, it is not uncommon for full parts of the body to have to be replaced. Not only do you have to pay for these parts, but the parts also have to be painted. Therefore, the costs can add up relatively quickly. By contrast, PDR does not involve paying for either paint or new parts for the vehicle. 

PDR Does Not Take as Long as Traditional Body Work 

Most PDR projects can be completed in just a few minutes. While the duration of the project can vary depending on what paintless dent removal service you work with, it is perfectly possible to have your vehicle's dent repaired while you wait at some places. Because extensive bodywork is not being done on the vehicle, the project does not take that long. Conversely, if new parts are installed and the vehicle has to be painted, the process can take several days. 

Working with a Dent Removal Service May Protect Your Vehicle's Value 

One thing that buyers often look for when assessing a used vehicle is whether the vehicle shows any signs of prior damage. When you have new parts installed or parts of the vehicle painted due to denting, these alterations can definitely be obvious to a discerning buyer. Unfortunately, this can make your vehicle seem less valuable because it will be obvious it was involved in some type of collision. PDR, however, is usually done in such a gentle way that the repairs are inconspicuous. Therefore, the value of your vehicle may be retained if you decide to sell it later. 

For more information about paintless dent removal services, contact a local auto shop.