2 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Your Car's Warning Light Indicating Low Oil Pressure

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While driving your car, you may have looked down at your dashboard and noticed that one of the warning lights has started to glow. Upon further investigation, you may have discovered that the light has a small oil can, which indicates that your car's oil pressure is low.

Especially since the light just came on, you may believe that you can delay having your car looked at by a mechanic. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should never ignore the warning light that indicates that the oil pressure in your car is low.

1. Inability to Deliver Oil Through the System Will Cause Rapid Degradation of Your Engine's Internal Components

One reason why you should not ignore the dashboard warning light is that low oil pressure severely reduces your car's ability to deliver oil through the engine system. With the internal heat and constant motion of the valves, pistons, and other engine components, sufficient oil is a necessity for lubricating the parts and drawing heat away from the metal.

If oil is not reaching these components, they will rapidly degrade, and your engine could seize up and refuse to run at all. Since this serious issue could happen within hours, you need to have a mechanic look at your car immediately after seeing the warning light.

2. Lack of Oil Pressure Will Severely Reduce Your Car's Performance and Will Make the Engine Stall

Another reason why you should not delay in having your car inspected when the engine has low oil pressure is that the lack of pressure will severely reduce your car's performance. Because of the lack of oil, the engine will lose power, making it difficult for you to reach your desired speeds.

If you continue driving the car, the engine will become overtaxed without a sufficient amount of oil. When this happens, it could stall while you are stopped or even while you are driving.

If you see the light glowing on your dashboard that indicates low oil pressure, do not delay in having your car checked out by an auto technician. While the cause could be easily fixed by changing the oil or oil filter, there may be a leak somewhere within the engine system that is causing the decrease in oil pressure. As soon as you suspect that your car has low oil pressure, take it to an auto repair service nearby so that they can find the cause of the decreased pressure and take action to fix it.

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